At Portside Liquors, we offer a wide array of the finest domestic and imported spirits.

We carry a flavor for every taste. From a broad assortment of whiskies, rums, tequilas, bourbons, gins, single malts to a great variety of cordials, after-dinner liqueurs, aperitifs, grappa, cognacs and eau de vies.  Ever wonder what to get a special someone, we have a fine selection of superior, vintage spirits that will impress. And we will gift wrap it on us.

From stocking  your bar to planning a large party, we can put  it together for you. Our selection is wide, and always up to date.  When a new spirit is introduced, you can always find it at Portside Liquors.  Our spirits are competitively priced. We offer weekly promotions that will keep our customers happy.

We look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations.

A Guide to Scotch Whiskey